Metallurgical Enterprise Management

Program description:

Area of studies:
Branch of science:
Social Sciences
Graduate School of Economics and Management
Degree awarded:
Master's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
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The corporate degree programme is delivered by GSEM in cooperation with TMK Corporate University. It aims to train effective leaders with interdisciplinary skills in management, economics and mathematics, as well as knowledge of modern production systems and technologies to develop competitiveness of pipe and tube production plants.


Special features of the programme:

·         Project-based and process approaches used in metallurgical enterprise management;

·         Focus on preserving and developing the rich experience of engineering and technical education, applying it to today’s environment and providing for integration of technical and management competencies;

·         Giving graduates skills to ensure breakthrough development of pipe and tube production, implement technical and process innovations, transform industrial practices, and follow the main principles of Industry 4.0.


Learning outcomes:

·         Comprehensive knowledge of metallurgical enterprise management that allows for transforming its potential into new opportunities for effective and competitive pipe production to ensure long-term success of an industrial enterprise in the new technological environment.

·         Priority of active methods and project-based learning guarantee that graduates possess efficient team management and decision-making skills, as well as leadership competencies.

Design of this degree programme benefited from the best global practices of training professionals in management and technology, as well as advanced expertise of Russian pipe production and UrFU educational solutions.

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