Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling

Program description:

Area of studies:
Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
Branch of science:
Mathematical and Natural Sciences
Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Degree awarded:
Bachelor's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 4 years

Students studying at this curriculum, acquire knowledge of the theoretical and applied disciplines of Mechanics: 

• Theoretical Mechanics,

• Optimal Control Theory,

• Theories of Stability and Stabilization of Motion,

• Mechanics of Solids,

• Fluid mechanics,

• Oscillation theory,

• Applied Mechanics,

• Robotics and others.

Theoretical knowledges are supported with research skills in experimental and computational methods of studying the motion and state of material bodies. Much attention is paid to the study of basic mathematical disciplines and computer science. Graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in post-graduate school of the University and institutes of Ural branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. Students are actively involved in research work, in all-Russian competitions, scientific competitions and conferences during their learning.

Students specialize in the following fields: Mathematical Modeling, Theory of Stability and Optimal Control, Mechanics of Solids, Computer Mechanics, as well as in solving problems in fields of modern technology development, Economics and Finance, Ecology, Biotechnology and Management with the help of high-performance computations.

The presence of universal knowledge allows graduates to work not only in research institutes, universities and design offices of large industrial organizations, but also in various business, as experts in Mathematical Modeling. Alumni enlist well-known scientists, including the President of Russian Academy of Sciences, heads of research organizations, industrial firms and universities, highly qualified experts, including the field of computer technology, as well as businessmen and top managers of commercial structures.

Here follows a short video presentation about the curriculum of "Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling" with pictures and music (Sorry in Russian).

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