Technologies of Sport and Recreation Services

Program description:

Area of studies:
Branch of science:
Social Sciences
Institue of Physical Education, Sports and Youth Policy
Degree awarded:
Master's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 2 years

The program is aimed at training specialists in the development and improvement of service technologies in various branches of the sport and recreation industry as well as servicespecialists forsports, leisure and public events. Our graduatesobtain skills to carry out professional activities in variousenterprises and organizations such as fitness, physical culture, sport and recreation complexes, cultural and leisure centers, entertainment service enterprises, national and international physical culture and sport organizations, professional, corporate, student and other sport clubs; event-organising  enterprises, research and manufacturing sport enterprises. Potential employers also include state and municipal government bodies in physical culture and sport, social development and scientific organizations, and higher educational institutions. As a result of the training the students will have expertise in the following areas: ·     new service technology development in physical culture and sports, recreation and entertainment; ·     project development and implementation for large-scale sport, recreation and cultural events according to the international service quality standards; ·     analysis of the sport and recreation organization activities to identify mechanisms for improving competitiveness; ·     monitoring and examining health, fitness, sports and leisure service quality; ·     use of applied research methods and modern marketing technologies in service formation and service promotion in sports, leisure and recreation.     Among the subjectson the curriculum are: ·     "Service quality management in sports and culture", ·     "Fundamentals of service design in sports and culture", ·     "Sports and leisure enterprise management", ·     "Safety fundamentals in sports and cultural and leisure facilities", ·     "Equipment and inventory for physical culture and sports", ·     "Infrastructure of sports and leisure facilities", ·     "Sports and recreation service technologies", ·     “Professional communications in society and culture”, ·     “Service innovations in sports and leisure”, ·     “Project management in society and culture”, ·     “Advertising and PR in sports and entertainment”, etc. A significant amount of the educational curriculum is devoted to research and development activities and practices. The teaching process is carried out by highly qualified experts in sports and public cultural projectsimplementation, in sports equipment and facilities certification and standardization. Among them are representatives of the government bodies of physical culture and sports, researchers engaged in sports, fitness and leisure service research.
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