International Trade and Entrepreneurship

Program description:

Area of studies:
Business and Commerce
Branch of science:
Social Sciences
Graduate School of Economics and Management
Degree awarded:
Master's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
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The Master's Degree in International Trade and Entrepreneurship is a professional higher education degree. The program is designed to develop state-of-the-art skills and concepts of international commerce, and it enables the graduates to manage and lead operations in challenging multicultural environments in global economy. The degree gives a qualification for a public appointment where a Master's degree is required. The program's professors are actively engaged in field research, consulting, and teaching in Russia and abroad. Research opportunities provide students with hands on learning as part of their degree work.

The program provides a sound knowledge in the core entrepreneurial areas of marketing, finance, economics and human resource management and expends on this knowledge in the context of international trade, government policy and regulations with regards to global entrepreneurial operations. Analytic and problem-solving skills are emphasized through an applied understanding of the theoretical framework within which today’s entrepreneurs must operate, as well as acquisition of practical skills in teamwork, writing, presentation and time-management.

program goals

 The master program in International Trade and Entrepreneurship aims at providing future entrepreneurs and analysts with strong skills in global markets, entrepreneurship, innovation, and internationalization.

We are preparing a professional elite of entrepreneurs who own modern theory and are able to organize a successful business in the international markets.

Students in International trade and entrepreneurship are trained to become successful entrepreneurs and skilled applied analysts in international trade and in local markets and entrepreneurial organizations. The skills acquired during the program will enable graduates to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economic environment from a macroeconomic perspective (economic growth and international integration) with a high-level knowledge of microeconomic mechanisms (new technologies, new markets, new customers and suppliers, international business and de-localization).

We develop a practice-oriented educational environment to give our students the opportunity to consolidate their entrepreneurial skills in Russian and international trade and commercial organizations.

program advantages

·        Students will experience multi-cultural fluency by participation in a culturally diverse student cohort, multicultural and multi-lingual faculty, and the opportunity study in Asian, European, and North American universities, which represent the best educational practices;

·       Students are taught the skills necessary to develop ideas to start-up a new business or a new product and or service.

·       Students develop analytical, entrepreneurial, and communication skills by conducting scientific research

·       Whole program held in English

·       Courses topics are structured in order to help students to act and work in an international environment

 key disciplines

 The program includes the following disciplines, that are aimed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in international entrepreneurship.

1.      Scientific knowledges transfer

2.      Methodology of scientific researches

3.      International entrepreneurship

4.      Business modeling in international entrepreneurship

5.      Legal forms of international entrepreneurship

6.      International logistics

7.      Internet communications in international sphere

8.      Interpersonal effective communications

9.      Technologies of international communications

10.  Business communications in the sphere of international business

11.  International marketing communications

12.  International marketing

13.  Advertising management

14.  Internet marketing

15.  Corporate finance

16.  International financial accounting systems

17.  Short-term financial management

18.  Project management

19.  Business design in entrepreneurship

20.  Investment Project Management in International Trade and Entrepreneurship

21.  Buying techniques

22.  Buying management

23.  Distribution management

24.  Financial analysis of foreign economic activity

25.  Finance in international trade

26.  Finance in international entrepreneurship

 career opportunities

The program in International Trade and Entrepreneurship provides a solid background in entrepreneurship and business administration with a strong focus on international business and entrepreneurship.

Graduates will be prepared to exploit career opportunities both in large multinational trade corporations as well as small companies and startups. They will be trained to think as entrepreneurs and identify and create appealing job opportunities.

specific admission requirements (if any):

1.      computer testing

2.      proof of English proficiency (Diploma of Higher Education, retraining certificate corresponding to level B1 and above)

3.      Portfolio interview

 During this energizing Master’s program in International trade and Entrepreneurship you will learn how to be more entrepreneurial. Thinking and feeling like an entrepreneur will benefit your career as employee or business owner.


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