Program description:

Area of studies:
Branch of science:
Social Sciences
Graduate School of Economics and Management
Degree awarded:
Bachelor's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 4 years


1. Practice-oriented training: acquaintance and cooperation with practicing lawyers of various specializations, studying real cases of law enforcement practice, the possibility of passing summer practice in state and municipal authorities, in organizations - business entities, as well as in companies specializing in the provision of legal services. A separate module of the educational program of the Bachelor of Laws is devoted to digital jurisprudence, within which students get acquainted in detail with the legal regulation of relations in the field of IT projects, publishing information on the network, blockchain, processing personal data, big data, artificial intelligence and other areas of digitalization.

2. Comprehensive education, which consists in the possibility of studying legal disciplines (branches) related to both private law and public law blocks.

3. Possibility of combining training on the program with training at the Military Training Center of the Ural Federal University with obtaining a military specialty.

4. Wide opportunities for employment both in the field of business and entrepreneurship, and in state and municipal authorities.

MAIN PARTNERS AND POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS Students practice in law firms, commercial structures of various business trajectories, state and municipal authorities, judicial authorities, prosecutors, and the investigative committee. As part of project-based learning, students of the program implement projects related to the acquisition of research and law enforcement skills.

FEATURES OF TRAINING classical university disciplines are studied in the first year - the program is divided into modules in different areas of jurisprudence, including: public law, criminal law, private law, information and digital, analytical, communication.

- the program includes both classical legal disciplines and a wide range of managerial, economic, analytical, information technology disciplines that are built into the educational process, taking into account interdisciplinary connections.

- a separate module of the program is devoted to digital jurisprudence, in the perspective of which such academic disciplines as information law, legal regulation of the digital economy, legal regime of personal data, digital literacy of a lawyer are subject to study.

- project-based learning is implemented from the second year and involves the solution of specific research and practical tasks during the academic year, including those commissioned by third-party organizations and authorities.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Studying in the Bachelor of Law program gives an advantage in employment in a wide variety of areas of application of the law. In addition, the law bachelor's program contains a wide range of disciplines in each of the theoretical and legal areas, which makes it possible to continue in-depth narrow-profile study of jurisprudence in the magistracy, and later in graduate school.

INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION UrFU 2017 has international institutional accreditation CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA)  – mark of international recognition in as an educational organization with resources programs structure and carrying out its activities in in accordance with generall accepted international criteria and standards of higher education organization.

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