Designing of Transport Technological Systems

Program description:

Area of studies:
Gound Transport and Technological Complexes
Branch of science:
Engineering, Technology and Engineering Sciences
Institute of New Materials and Technologies
Degree awarded:
Master's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 2 years

The educational program (EP) "Design of transport and technological systems" (direction 23.04.02 "Ground transport and technological complexes") is designed for 2 years of study and provides 2 trajectories (EPT):EPT1 "Design of automated lifting and transporting systems"EPT2 "Design of wheeled and crawler-based vehicles"The purpose of the EP is to train highly qualified engineers of the middle and top management level (engineer and technician for supervision of technical condition and safe operation, expert in assessing compliance with safety requirements, leading design engineer, chief design designer, chief specialist, chief engineer, deputy chief engineer, director of directorate, head of administration, head of bureau, head of department, head of shop, head of production, deputy head of production organization, head of structural unit for testing and research, project manager, head of direction) capable of modeling, calculation, design, technical operation, service maintenance, diagnostics, testing and examination of transport and technological systems and complexes, developing and implementing conceptual solutions, algorithms and control systems, increasing reliability and resource, using modern materials and technologies, as well as organizing the work of the enterprise and its team and carry out the tasks of scientific research.The EP is developed on the basis of professional standards of the qualification level corresponding to graduates of the master's program:EPT116.121 - Expert in assessing compliance of lifting structures with safety requirements20.006 - Specialist in operation of lifting mechanisms at hydroelectric / pumped storage power plants28.003 - Specialist in automation and mechanization of technological processes in mechanical assembly production40.116 - Specialist in ensuring industrial safety in operation of equipment working under excess pressure and / or lifting structuresConstructor in hoisting-and-transport engineering (a standard under development)EPT231.010 - Designer in automotive industry31.021 - Specialist in testing and research in automotive industry31.015 - Specialist in technological preparation of production in automotive industryThe trajectories of the educational program are determined taking into account the objects of professional activity of graduates:EPT1- lifting and transporting machines and complexes;- handling equipment;- technological and production processes;- technical systems;- industrial safety;- regulatory and technical documentationEPT2- vehicles and their components;- ground transport and technological vehicles with combined power units;- regulatory, technical and design documentation;- methods and means for testing and researching vehicles;- methods and means for technological preparation of production.A graduate in accordance with the master's qualification will be able to carry out professional activities in the field of transport, construction engineering, operation of equipment, at enterprises that manufacture lifting and transporting machines, wheeled and craweld-based vehicles, in organizations operating lifting and transporting machines and motor vehicles, in organizations that are official representatives and dealers of manufacturers of transport machines, design bureaus, research institutes, and specialized expert organizations.

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