Энергоэффективные технологии производства электрической и тепловой энергии


 Motivation video for students about the Master Program "Energy Efficient Technologies of Electric and Heat Power Generation"


The Master's program "Energy Efficient Technologies of Electric and Heat Power Generation" is focused on teaching highly-professional employees in the field of heat power and thermal engineering, who possess in-depth fundamental professional and scientific training, have competences in analytical and research activities, experimental work, engineering of high-tech processes. Graduates of master's degree program can work at power generating plants, research organizations, engineering companies involved in the development and design of unique and conventional thermal power equipment, its adjustment and operation, to design and manage complex engineering projects, to implement effective management of complex power facilities and systems. A special attention is paid to research and development of scientific bases of modern power technologies, including those based on combined cycle and gasification, fuel cells, hydrogen production, reduction of carbon footprint, development and implementation of new and non-standard equipment, optimization of thermal schemes of thermal power plants.


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