Политическая философия

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Гуманитарные науки
Уральский гуманитарный институт
Уровень и срок обучения:
Очная форма: 2 года
Год(ы) набора:
2017, 2018, 2019

The MA program in Political Philosophy is designed for students who are interested in philosophical refl ection on most complex and substantial issues underlying contemporary politics. Political Philosophy is a discipline that studies the ways, in which people order their collective life, what good and just society is, and how our critical capacity and individual agency can transform the world we live in. it also explores varied contexts that shape politics as it is lived and experienced by individuals, looking for the political in the everyday interplay of formal institutions, local social relations and individual life strategies.

The MA program in Political Philosophy off ers a range of courses in modern political theory and training in research skills, which would enable its graduates to work both in governmental and non-governmental organizations in administrative positions and at various academic establishments, as researchers or teachers. the program draws on the extensive tradition of political theorizing, yet the current Western-European oriented canon of political theory is balanced with major achievements in the study of politics by Eurasian and russian thinkers. our Ma program is designed around comparative and cosmopolitan research agenda that aims at educating expert researchers as well as competent citizens of the world.

The MА program in Political Philosophy at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences is one of the few MA programs in this fi eld existing in Russia, and the only international one, with program’s core courses taught in English. In addition to the local faculty, many of whom hold international graduate degrees, classes are taught by visiting professors from the central European University (hungary), Utrecht University (Netherlands), and other partner institutions. the program’s core faculty is comprised of researchers, whose scholarly work on modernity, toleration, individuality and other topics in modern political philosophy acquired national and international acclaim.

Scholarships, which cover tuition and provide a monthly stipend are available for international students, based on merit and quality of application materials.

Students in good standing are eligible for the University fellowship that partially covers a semester-long internship in one of partner institutions: Utrecht University (Netherlands), University of copenhagen (Denmark) and other universities.

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