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  • Ammar Basheer (Sri-Lanka)
    Уральский федеральный университет, аспирант
    Continuing my education as part of the Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience group has been an immensely eye-opening experience. The course encompasses both practical and theoretical aspects of the field, making you step out of your comfort zone and forcing you to think outside the box. The course tries to push the envelope and makes the students explore newer boundaries. The course is presented by experts in their respective fields and the lab is equipped with cutting edge technology for students to use for their research. The course provides an opportunity for students to put theory into practice by testing ideas, visiting state hospitals and conducting lessons.
  • LI Zijun (China)
    Уральский федеральный университет, аспирант
    It is amusing try for me to learn about the brain deeply, in such a multicultural and warm group. There are magnificent lessons about neuroscience, cognitive development, communication, emotion, as well as decision-making in our program. And to crown it all, the experience to share ideas in labrotary and to study in hospital really rise me up. It is also the great opportunity for me to know about developmental psychology deeper and to work with Infants. I really appreciate the wonderful memories with my group mates here. I feel so warm in cold winter thanks to all kindness I received from this great country.
  • Sura Alsaykal (Iraq)
    Уральский федеральный университет
    I chose to specialize in Neuroscience because it is one of the most important specializations and we need it a lot in his daily life , It is also related and complementary to a bachelor's specialization, it is very important to understand the composition of nerves and the brain so that we can understand the extent of its impact on the psychological state of an individual, because my main specialization is psychology, which is concerned primarily with the psychological state of an individual In addition to the fact that everyone is cooperating and striving to provide their best, I am really happy with the experience of studying here, we will make the utmost effort to develop more in this field and obtain success and build a good future.
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