Международный менеджмент

Memo for freshmen! Connection to the student's personal account and more!

Dear Student!Welcome to "International Management" programme!

( (pdf  text text in English available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xrQOWDjJkocBgeNJqfEcEWJvJEpem99w/view?usp=sharing)

As part of this memo, we will tell you about a few things:1. How to get your account (Personal account of the student) at UrFU2. Where can I see the schedule?3. Where is the dean's office located?4. What is Moodle and how can I use it?5. Internal regulations of students.

1. How to get your account

To activate your "account" you need to go to the identification site - http://id.urfu.ru/ -> Account -> Get account. (It is important to remember that you cannot transfer it to third parties).For help, you can also contact the technical support of UrFUby telephone: 375 93 06

The account is designed to work with university-wide IT services, including:- connection to wireless network of UrFU, eduroam (international roaming);- getting free Microsoft software for personal use https://dit.urfu.ru/soft/imagine/;- activation of the access to the Microsoft Office 365, creating a mailbox in thedomain urfu.me https://office365.urfu.ru/;- access to the student’s personal account  https://istudent.urfu.ru/;- access to the e-learning portal  https://elearn.urfu.ru/;- access to Hypermethod (Гиперметод)  https://learn.urfu.ru/.


2. Where can I see the schedule?

The schedule of classes can be viewed on the university website: https://urfu.ru/ru/students/study/schedule/#student/Or in your personal account in the Study section: https://istudent.urfu.ru/s/schedule/


3. Where is the dean's office located?

The dean's office is located at Mira Street, 19.1st Floor (Entrance from SKB-Bank) cab. И-157Telephone: 375 41 33


4. What is Moodle and how can I use it?

Moodle is a course management system also known as a learning management system or virtual learning environment.Some of the disciplines you study have their own course on the Moodle platform. There you will find materials for study, assignments to complete from teachers. In order to log in to the platform, you need to have an account (see point 1 of the memo).

Access to the Moodle platform: https://elearn.urfu.ru/


5. Internal regulations of students

The internal regulations of students can be found at the link: https://urfu.ru/fileadmin/user_upload/urfu.ru/documents/education/rules_students.pdf



Welcome to the International Management programme! Here is a small memo on the use of the Point-Rating System!

(pdf  text text in English available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xMpf0P6f_4Fb-Ho6hqKb34Rvn8gUjOIi/view?usp=sharing) Go to your personal student’s account at https://istudent.urfu.ru/ On the section Study choose Point-Rating system

- In PRS, you can see your current points in the subject, if the teacher has already put them in the system. 1) A total of 40 PRS points must be collected in order to receive a positive exam or credit. 2) At the same time, the minimum requirement for passing the exam or credit is 40 percent. (This means that you can get a positive rating if these two conditions are met!) Thus, you can get a higher grade for the subject than the results of the written exam, since your current activity points during the semester will be added to the exam scores. Inside the tab of each discipline in the Point-Rating System, there is its technological map (like on the picture below), which helps to calculate points taking into account the coefficients. The technological map is divided into 2 parts: above - points for lectures, below - points for seminars. The technologies for calculating points, taking into account the coefficient for lectures and seminars, differ in various disciplines, therefore, in order to achieve the maximum result, it is recommended to attend both lectures and seminars. The total maximum number of points for all activities, including the exam, is 100 green points. In accordance with this value you final grade will be introduced. Number of points (Total points) Discipline with Exam (Total mark) Discipline with Credit (Total mark) 0-39 Fail Fail 40-59 Satisfactory Credit 60-79 Good Credit 80-100 Excellent Credit

The coefficient that was mentioned earlier helps to take into account the share of each activity in the semester. The coefficient may differ in lectures and seminars! Black points – your points without coefficient. Dark blue points – your intermediate points (using the coefficient of it’s share inside Lectures or Seminars). Green points – you final points for Lectures and Seminars.

In Details you can see what your activities on lectures and seminars are consist of and your points. WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU FAIL THE EXAM? 1. In order to retake the exam for a positive mark, a student has 3 attempts  Within 2 attempts, the student passes the exam to his teacher. On the 3rd attempt, the student passes the exam in the presence of the commission, which decides on a positive decision regarding the student and his further continuation of his studies on the programme.  If you have not passed the exam, please do not skip this situation. Try to contact the teacher and inquire about the next retake date. 2. You may not pass only 3 subjects during one examination session  More failing exams lead to the start of the expulsion process.






Dear student!

We have prepared a list of useful links and contacts for you.

(pdf  text text in English available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OujMJlt3FI1gWyKgVRdyWzS9fUSnEB_L/view?usp=sharing

pdf text in Russian available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YPvezVlGY847DpG7KgKSKSk_itFo2S4G/view?usp=sharing )

Head of the programmeRuzhanskaya Liudmila Stanislavovna,Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor,Head of the Department of International Economics and Management, GSEM, UrFURoom: И-320, И-329а, ул. Мира, 19Е-mail: l.s.ruzhanskaya@urfu.rutel: +7 (343) 375-87-95

Information about the programme: https://programs.edu.urfu.ru/ru/10109/GSEM Website: https://gsem.urfu.ru/ru/Facebook GSEM: https://www.facebook.com/urfugsemWe are in Instagram:programme «International Management» im_gsem_urfuGSEM UrFU (Rus) ineu_urfuGSEM UrFU (Eng) gsem.international

Telegram-channel of student science news in GSEM (Rus): https://t.me/joinchat/VHRHHfQRJHaNzIb5

Activation of access to the Microsoft Office 365 services in the UrFU:https://office365.urfu.ru/?language=en

Licensed software:https://dit.urfu.ru/soft/

(Full access to this software is possible only within the corporate network of UrFU on computers joined to the AT.URFU.RU domain. Access to most products from computers and devices that are not joined to the AT.URFU.RU domain is partially limited or completely impossible. )

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