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 Link to registration form for International Summer School 2021 Doing Business in Russia   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4J9RwLYFaMh2sJqsDAAoAlZcD_r9jnTiqLXioi1Tgz670vQ/viewform

Presentation of the summer school https://gsemsummerschool.ru/

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Summer school “Doing business in Russia: international perspective” have all rules to call like a visit card of business-education in Ural. Duting two weeks you are fully introduced into English environment, meeting with leaders – companies from different industries from manufacturing to IT-products for business. Lecturers from all over the world and companies visitors make this two weeks absolutely incredibly, warmly and inspiring.

I was a participant in Summer School for two years and during this time I can’t say that the program was repeating. Every year School changes: the geography of participants is expanding from Germany and Pakistan, to the Gambia and Brazil.

Program also undergoes changes every year - in addition to hard-skills related to knowledge of the Russian specifics of doing business and managerial practices, events aimed at developing Soft-skills deserve special attention. The curriculum takes the form of project seminars, discussion platforms, and the total event involves the protection of the business plan of a potential own company in Russia. All this allows you to expand the skill of cross-cultural communication, group interaction and the organization of your time (time-management) in a saturated basic educational program.

With confidence and based on my experience, I invite everyone to take part in Summer School, with its unique capabilities, not only to get an attractive line in the resume, but also from the very center of Russia - in the Urals, to learn about all the intricacies of doing business in Russia, to receive irreplaceable conversational practice, Academic and business English in a multicultural environment.

Летняя школа "Doing business in Russia: International perspective" по праву стала одной из визитных карточек бизнес-образования Урала. Две недели полного погружения в среду английского языка, знакомства с компаниями-лидерами различны отраслей от промышленности до IT-решений для бизнеса, преподаватели ведущих бизнес-школ и практики делают две летние недели по-настоящему  теплыми, полезными, вдохновляющими.

 Я был участником летней школы в течение двух лет и за это время не могу сказать, что программа повторялась. С каждым годом школа меняется: география участников ширится от Германии и Пакистана, до Гамбии и Бразилии.

Программная насыщенность также с каждым годом претерпевает изменения – помимо hard-skills, связанных со знанием российской специфики ведения бизнеса и менеджериальные практик, отдельного внимания заслуживают мероприятия, направленные на развитие Soft0skills. Учебная программа проходит в форме проектных семинаров, дискуссионных площадок, а итого мероприятие предполагает защиту бизнес-плана потенциальной собственной компании в России. Все это позволяет расширить навык кросс-культурной коммуникации, взаимодействия в группе и организации своего времени (тайм-менеджмента) в условиях достаточно насыщенной основной образовательной программы.

С уверенностью и на основе своего опыта приглашаю всех принять участие в летней школе, с ее уникальными возможностями не только получить притягательную строчку в резюме, но и с самом центре России – на Урале узнать о всех тонкостях ведения бизнеса в России, получить незаменимую практику разговорного, академического и бизнес-английского в мультикультурной среде.

The VIII International Flight School of Master students "Doing Business in Russia"


30 participants from 8 countries for 10 days in a hybrid format studied innovative solutions for the creatine industries, dictated by the challenges of the new time. And although the whole world is soon waiting for the largest sports event, the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, the whole team of the VIII Summer School on July 16, 2021 had the feeling of closing a big event and ending a fairy tale!


This year's Summer School program was lucky; it took shape by itself, because throughout this academic year the team of the International Management program had projects with companies from the creative industries of the Ural region. And within the framework of the April youth conference Spring Days of Science of INEU, we made friends with the tourist cluster "Belaya Mountain", who acted as the general partner of the School. But it was also important that our old friends continued to cooperate with us, invited lecturers from two partner Business Schools (University Skoda Auto, Check Republic, and IMM Ranchi Business School, India), our long-time partner of the KPMG program, for the second time with us Senior Banker EBRD, a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the Ural State University Tatyana Emboulaeva, our good friend, co-founder of the UMN music festival Lyubov Bondarenko speaks, an established team of tutors Yuri Devi, Maxim Fokeev, Nikita Shvalev, Stanislav Berezin is working with the guys.


Last year's positive experience of the projects of the School last year in the field of creative industries (music events) showed that the student audience's interest in this relatively new area of business is genuine and very lively, although the topic of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is still relevant. The organizers of the Summer School 2021, the team of the Master's program "International Management", decided not only to present the opportunity to make group projects, but also to expand the understanding of crafting clusters and tourism in the Urals. 4 teams of children worked on projects in the locations of the Belaya Mountain tourist cluster. The result was projects in the form of a business plan for the development of either individual locations or the entire territory of the cluster, and one of the teams presented a project to include locations outside the cluster in tourist routes.


The projects were presented to the jury, which, in addition to the International Management program team and team tutors, included representatives of the cluster Marina Lenkova and Marina Akhtyamova. It was they who set the main criteria for evaluating projects - the possibility of practical implementation, consistency with existing strategies, and attractiveness to the consumer. In each project, the jury noted its strengths. Already during the defense, some of the proposals were sent to the cluster's public chat to discuss ideas.


It is still difficult to talk about the program of the Summer School next year, but I think we will continue to develop the theme of creative industries, especially since the Sverdlovsk Region is gradually becoming an important national center in this direction. It is no coincidence that Yekaterinburg is preparing an application for inclusion in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network project in the Music nomination. Thanks to everyone who made this Summer School a reality, goodbye SS-2021 and hello SS-2022!




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