Мировая экономика и международный бизнес

Courses 2021-2022

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1 year (Curriculum 2020+)

Fall semester (see semester outline)

Spring semester 

Principles of Economics (in Russian)

World Economy and International Relations

Mathematics I (in Russian)

Mathematics II (in Russian)

Organisational Management and Structures (in Russian)

Fundamentals of Marketing (in Russian)

Teambuilding (in Russian)

HR Management (in Russian)

Effective Communications Skills (in Russian)

Argumentation Theory and Logic (in Russian)

Life Safety (in Russian)

Law Studies (in Russian)

Information Technologies and Services (in Russian)

Information Technologies for Economic Data Analysis (in Russian)

Natural Science Theory (in Russian)

Philosophy (in Russian)

History (in Russian)

Professional Orientation-2

Professional Orientation-1


2 year (Curriculum 2020+)

Fall semester (see semester outline)

Spring semester 

Russian Economic Outlook and Global Partners

Finance (in Russian)

Macroeconomics (in Russian)

Microeconomics (in Russian)

Methods of Optimization (in Russian)

Economic Analysis (in Russian)

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (in Russian)

Econometrics (in Russian)

Statistics (in Russian)

Money, credit, banking (in Russian)

Labor law (in Russian)

Civil law (in Russian)

Corporate social responsibility

Business Statistics and Data Analysis (in Russian)

Programming for Business Analytics (in Russian)

Business communications

National Accounting (in Russian)

Project management

Internship I (in Russian)

3 year (Curriculum 2018+)

Fall semester (see semester outline)

Spring semester 

Contemporary methods of econometric analysis

International Trade Theory

Experimental Methods in Economics

International Business Planning

Dynamics of Macroeconomic Systems

Industrial Economics

Institutional Economics

International Marketing

Economic Analysis (in Russian)

International Business

Microeconomic Market Models (in Russian)

International Monetary Relations

Modeling of strategic interaction (in Russian)

Internship II (including Research)

4 year (Curriculum 2018+)

Fall semester (see semester outline)

Spring semester 

International Financial Management

Strategic Management

Economics of Foreign Direct Investments

International Law

Models and Methods of International Macroeconomics

Strategic Market Analysis

International Financial Reporting Standards

Corporate Governance

Corporate social responsibility

Cross Cultural Management and International Protocol

Tax management

Contemporary Issues in International Economy and International Business

International Logistics

Internship III

International Operations


Public Economics



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