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Направление подготовки:
Научная отрасль:
Гуманитарные науки
Институт физической культуры, спорта и молодежной политики
Уровень образования:
Год(ы) набора:
2020, 2022-2023
Форма и срок обучения:
Очная: 2 года
Язык обучения:

The Master’s degree program "49.04.03 – High performance sport’  is aimed at training a highly qualified trainer. 

The Master’s degree program in High Performance Sport has been designed to offer a high quality course with a strong vocational content that is attractive to students and eligible for relevant professional accreditation.  The Master’s degree program in High Performance Sport fulfils this strategic goal as the programme is clearly focused on developing professionally qualified graduates who will have considerable vocational experience as a coach in High Performance sport. 

The Master’s degree program “High Performance Sport (HPS)”  has been designed to train highly skilled coaches  experienced in  athletes performance assessment,  training programs construction and management to coordinate a complex group of people who contribute to development of athletes  and teams.

Career opportunities available for Master’s Degree students will include: 

• Coaching of higher level athletes;

• Sport program co-ordinators; 

• Sports coaching in elite sports, in clubs and universities, public and private sports organizations, professional sport teams and National teams in different kinds of sport.  

The training process is designed to enhance a creative approach to coaching based on competence in the theory of sports training, evidence-based biomedical support and psychological support for sports training. A feature of the program is a pronounced scientific and practical orientation of the learning process. The increased volume of practical exercises, the transfer of part of the educational process to the field conditions enables students to both get acquainted with the diverse field of sports and find a worthy application of their abilities. 

Educational objectives: 

• To solve  professional problems aimed at  athletes managing during   their  training and competitive activity

• To solve  professional problems connected with research and  development of modern science achievements, innovative technologies in sports and their introduction in professional coaching

• To solve  professional problems connected with analysis, forecasting, projects  and documentary providing  of  sports organization (team)

At the same time, the program assumes the presence of sports and / or coaching experience, the willingness to train and improve physically, as well as to study in depth the physiology and psychology of relationships.



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