Economic Security

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Area of studies:
Economic Security
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Social Sciences
Graduate School of Economics and Management
Degree awarded:
Specialist's degree
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The BENEFITS of CHOOSING a SPECIALITY "ECONOMIC SECURITY" ECONOMIC SECURITY OF BUSINESS (School of public administration and entrepreneurship, Institute of economy and management, URFU)

Security is relevant at all times. In the era of digital technologies, the labor market is being transformed. Many professions, both working and intellectual, become obsolete and disappear, giving way to emerging new ones. But the demand for specialists in economic security is growing.

Demand in the labor market is 100%. By the fifth year, all students are employed and work in the financial and economic divisions and economic security services of various enterprises and public authorities, financial and credit institutions, consulting and audit companies.

Classical five-year education (specialty). Specialty – a complete higher education, after which you can immediately enter graduate school (without studying for a master's degree). In comparison with a bachelor's degree, the specialty opens up a wider range of employment opportunities. The specialist's diploma is highly valued on the Russian labor market. In professional standards, the specialty, along with the master's degree, occupy a higher level of qualification than the bachelor's degree.

High salary. The average salary of economic security specialists is 20% higher than the average salary in Russia.

The teaching staff is the key to successful learning. The teaching staff organically combines both academic staff (doctors, candidates of science) and highly qualified practitioners in various fields.

A specialist in business economic security is a combination of skills in Economics, Finance, management, and law.


Economic security is a complex profession, as it combines economic, financial, managerial and legal knowledge, skills and abilities.

The main task of economic security specialists is to assess and minimize risks and threats, and to increase the level of economic security of the organization

Working in this area, the experts analyze and evaluate the:

·         -  economic and financial activities of the organization in order to identify violations of the law

·          - the company's personnel in order to counter corporate fraud and create a system of personnel security

·          - reliability of the company's contractors and security of their commercial offers

·          - company value

·         -  the risks of raider attacks 


·          - Specialist / consultant/head of the economic security service

·          - Specialist of the company's economic/financial service

·          - Risk Manager in an organization / Bank

·          - Tax inspector, consultant on tax legislation and practical calculation of taxes

·          - Specialist of the economic/financial Department in a municipal or state body

·          - Consultant / analyst in a consulting company

·          - Specialist performing economic competitive intelligence

·         -  Lecturer in higher education Institution with economic profile

·          - Research associate in Economics


·         -  accounting;

·          - monitoring and revision;

·          - economic analysis;

·          - management of the organization (enterprise)

·          - risks evaluation;

·          - planning and budgeting of organizations (enterprises);

·          - fundamentals of information security;

·          - economic and financial security of enterprises/state/financial and credit institutions;

·         -  banking;

·          - modern payment systems and their security;

·          - currency regulation and currency control;

·         -  forensic and economic expertise;

·         -  operational and investigative activities;

·         -  fundamentals of investigation and qualification of economic offenses and crimes;

·          - criminal law, criminal procedure;

·          - labour law;

·         -  administrative law;

·          - financial law;

·         -  tax law;

·          - organization and methodology of tax audits;

·          - fundamentals of criminology.


The school of public administration and entrepreneurship has extensive scientific and practical experience in teaching subjects related to entrepreneurship and crisis management.

Modules from School of public administration and entrepreneurship, Institute of economy and management, URFU:

·          Managerial bases of professional activity (Management, personnel Management, Marketing, Innovation and project management, logistics and procurement management, office Management, business process Management)

·          Anti-crisis management (Business planning, business valuation, Legal procedures for bankruptcy of an enterprise, Theory of anti-crisis management, financial recovery of an enterprise)

·          Business security (protection of property rights, assessment of counterparty reliability and security of commercial offers, threat Assessment and protection from raiding, accounts receivable Management and credit policy)

·          Economic security service at the enterprise (organization) (Organization of the economic security service, anti-corruption and fraud, Formation of the personnel security system, foreign Economic and customs activities)

·          Project intensive " Fundamentals of working with information in the field of economic security"

·          Project intensive " Socio-economic analysis in order to ensure economic security"

·          Project intensive " Innovative development in order to ensure the economic security of enterprises, regions and industries"

·          Project intensive course "national security"

ORIENTATION to the NEEDS of ENTERPRISES and ORGANIZATIONS. Curriculum from School of public administration and entrepreneurship, Institute of economy and management, URFU developed using professional standards:      

·          Managers and specialists of economic, financial and analytical services (economic security Specialist, risk management specialist, business analyst, HR specialist, marketing specialist, procurement specialist, statistician)

·          Auditors, specialists of control and audit services, tax inspectors (auditor, internal control specialist, internal auditor, specialist in working with overdue debts, etc.)

·          Financier, factoring specialist (financial consulting specialist, factoring operations specialist, investment project specialist, etc.)

OPPORTUNITIES that are PROVIDED during STUDING in School of public administration and entrepreneurship, Institute of economy and management, URFU

·         -  safety and comfort of training in the heart of the city (Lenin 13B) near the metro station PL. 1905;

·         -  modern educational technologies, the best classrooms and multimedia classes, free wi-fi throughout the building;

·          - practical training in specialized organizations with the possibility of employment;

·         -  successful career after graduation;

·         -  the opportunity to open your own business or learn how to support and develop your parents ' business;

·         -  fun activities and free access to the resources of the Ural Federal University;

·         -  friendly atmosphere and support for student initiatives;

·          - participation in research work, practical seminars and master classes, exhibitions, conferences;

·         -  international internships and participation in international summer schools;

·          - further post-graduate studies. 


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