Economic Expert Analysis

Program description:

Area of studies:
Branch of science:
Social Sciences
Graduate School of Economics and Management
Degree awarded:
Specialist's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 5 years

The programme aims to train forensic experts who can conduct economic expert analysis for criminal, civil and administrative cases. The programme includes a full range of law and economics modules that are traditionally taught at law schools and economic faculties. A combination of knowledge allows for training of competitive experts capable of thinking outside the box. Legal and economic skills give more employment opportunities (legal and economic professions) and provide for a variety of career paths for our graduates. Legal studies and economics are prestigious professional fields. The profession of an expert is promising and will not disappear due to new and emerging technologies.

 Key competencies of our graduates:

- Ability to apply knowledge in the field of substantive and procedural law in their professional and other operations;

- Ability to conduct financial, economic, accounting and other kinds of economic expert analysis and economic research;

- Ability to conduct forensic analysis and act as an expert for criminal, civil and administrative legal cases.


Career paths:

-  Qualification of a forensic scientist with a specialisation in economic expertise gives the right to conduct independent economic expert analysis or work for public authorities and private expert institutions.

-  The programme has law specialisation, so our graduates can work as legal experts in various companies.

-  In-depth economic training allows our graduates to work as economists in different areas with a competitive advantage of additional legal skills.

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