Engineering of Motor-Vehicles, Hoisting and Transportation Machines

Program description:

Area of studies:
Gound Transport and Technological Complexes
Branch of science:
Engineering, Technology and Engineering Sciences
Institute of New Materials and Technologies
Degree awarded:
Bachelor's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 4 years
Part-time: 5 years
Extramural: 5 years
Transport surrounds us everywhere, every day vehicles transport goods and ourselves, construct residential and infrastructure facilities around us. The importance of transport is evidenced by all those advanced technologies and inventions which are introduced at first in the automotive and transport industries. Automobile, tower crane, escalator and excavator, elevator and conveyor - they are the objects of professional activities of our graduates, who are always in demand in the labor market. These objects need not only to be designed, but also serviced, operated, adjusted, supported and examined. This educational program helps to train highly qualified mid-level management engineers capable of designing, testing, controlling and diagnosing vehicles and lifting and transport machines, as well as organizing the work of a team in the process of performing professional tasks. The department has been training specialists for more than 90 years, proving itself to be one of the best departments at teaching specialists in machine design.   One special feature of the program is the introduction of project training, which is aimed at consolidating competencies in order to implement real projects and obtain long-term knowledge. Disciplines and modules of the curriculum are constructed on a single logic and studied in interconnection, which contributes greatly to better mastering competencies. The educational program (EP) is designed for 4 years of study and provides 2 trajectories (EPT): EPT1 "Lifting, transporting, building, road-making machinery and equipment" EPT2 "Automotive engineering" Since 2020, students enrolled in this educational program have the opportunity to independently build their own learning path, choosing not only elective disciplines or modules, but also the level of complexity and form of their implementation, along with additional specialization. Thus, each student follows his own unique trajectory and forms his own personal profile of a specialist, which is reflected in his digital portfolio.
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